One of the most popular cheeses in the world, Gouda is a semi-hard cheese celebrated for its rich, buttery flavour and velvety texture.

A popular table cheese, it is enjoyable on cheese boards, sandwiches and remains a firm favourite for children and adults alike.
Morning Milk cheddars have the classic qualities of handcrafted cheddar: strong, peppery, sweet, and with a pleasant bite.

This semi-hard, creamy cheese has a milky, sweet, nutty-savoury taste with a pleasant note of salt and pepper lingering on the palate.

Ideal as a cooking cheese, for toasted sandwiches, table cheese and cheese boards.
The same classic creamy flavour, just conveniently grated. Morning Milk grated Cheddar is an easy and simple way to enjoy this tangy cheese.

Now available in convenient 250g, 500g
and 1kg packs.
Morning Milk’s delicious award-winning Feta has a tasty twist with a soft creamy and crumbly texture. It has a delectably delicious and distinctive salty and tangy taste that is unique. Ideal in salads, creamy toppings, pizza and pasta. This cheese makes not only a tasty, but also a decorative addition to meals.

Available in 225g and 400g tubs.